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Parents vs. Instructors Storyboard

Driver's Test Feat. Lewis Hamilton Storyboard

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Brief: To make people who are up to 30 year olds, who want to learn how to drive (Freedom Seekers) and parents or grandparents who will buy driving school lessons for their child or grandchild (Retiring to the easy life) believe that the AA Driving School is the driving school for them.


Essence of the AA Driving School- Freedom, Trust, Professionalism, and Premium


Types of Media- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, possible Television and Event


Our Idea- We want to take the audience on a journey. We want to show everyone what it is like to learn with AA. From learning with a parent to your first AA lesson to the day you get you get your license, we want to be a part of your journey to freedom. Let’s end with a celebration, you receiving your sticker and driving license.


The campaign was used to show that even though most people prefer to be taught by their parents as the expenses are less, there are many struggles of actually being taught to drive by your parents. And in turn show the ease of learning with an AA instructor. Then continue on to rewarding the students that passed with AA by giving them a unique pass plate and a chance to attend a Mario Kart Tournament Event where they have the opportunity to race Lewis Hamilton.


Other Possibilities- You can make a deal with AA members that if your child learns to drive with AA they get one month free of Learner’s insurance.